Saturday, 15 January 2011

Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen

 I stumbled upon Jacob Dahlstrup Jensens work today. His website also showcases interesting drawings and installations. You can watch a video of belows work on his website.
He uses a tattoo machine like a pen on heavy water-colour paper creating a three dimensional line by disordering the paper structure. I think the work is beautiful and serene like-

Recently for university I had to create an artist statement which I wanted to do without sounding pretentious. I began reading lots of artist statements which really began to intrigue me, they can make an onlooker understand a lot more about who you are as an artist and to look at your work on a different level of understanding. 
  and I think his is just right -

'Key to my practice is a process of calculated spontaneity and pre planned coincidence through which I work primarily with a combination of drawing and installation. Through merging of material and context I explore the visual language of nautical folklore, which tells the story of faith, hope, love, and the struggle to get to the non-existing point in the horizon'

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