Thursday, 14 April 2011

Submitted this today for my postcard for final major. It's a simplified version of the front title page of my animation. This weeks been very productive final piece wise, ideas have become clearer and the words are starting to fit. The words I have to do at the right time... I'm writing about what could be anyone's experience with the past influencing the present. Something this week has meant some personal ones have come back to me and I'm not sure whether to write... it could make it  more open but I don't want to do a piece about me again. I don't feel comfortable with it. I've done that. Moving on. It felt it a bit indulgent my last piece... its not what I want to do.  Bla bla. 
Anyway happy with the work I've done this week, my friend Mel is coming up from Brighton tomorrow hurrah and out with the  Artist Makers on Saturday, time to enjoy the Easter Holiday and not be in front of a computer screen constantly. Its been a case of  late night working during the week and fun on the weekend. Well saying that we had a barbecue last week which involved a French man setting fire to our balcony whilst a young chav girl started on me from the street.