Wednesday, 1 June 2011

these are the words I wrote for my story/ prose for my fmp animation

The Threads That Bind You
Listening to an unknown melody, where to take it you dont know
Patterns of the past
 ruin for redemption
a whisper of who they were, as a trace not a soul
clouds forming and fermenting covering instinct  of late

Before the midnight backs are turned, stories are unwritten, futures unknown.
songs are out of key falling into unturned patterns and repetitions
 unravelling words that don’t sit still, drumming at the pace of things unknown.

There comes a time when the birds have to fly and your stories have to begin
running in your dreams, swimming till your free,
throwing all your coins in the fountain till there are lights in the sky.

Let the right ones in, let the old dreams fade and let the wrong ones go
 we have the earth, the stars, the future. The excitement of what to come.

Whilst wishing on the stars without forgetting who you are... 
                                                                  these are just words.

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