Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Since moving and acquiring so much at the big old flat in Cardiff I've had a real urge to downsize. One  factor of unnecessary gain is whenever my dad visits he brings me lots of random things from his garage such as a wood cutting machine, ropes, a teddy that's never been mine or even seen, a wine cooler, sets of grip gloves and a selection of different stapling equipment!!!  I'm trying to get down to essentials and things I truly only use with a few boxes of sentimental belongings. I really believe getting rid of clutter makes way for a clearer head and makes you concentrate on just living and the tasks in hand. If I sound like I'm chatting jibber jabber tosh then have a look at this website I'm not taking it that extreme at all but still very inspiring.
 Last week I was into moon landing theories and now its minimalism and zenny things haha. Anyway watch the moon landing documentry here REALLY interesting.

On another note I love this photo taken by Wendy Bevan

I've also joined Twitter and am using this photo as my background image which is taken by my favorite photographer at the moment - Viktor Vauthier.


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