Friday, 23 September 2011

d-i-y short fringe

new fairylights!

present from Omi

Excuse the crappy quality of my webcam my beloved Lumix camera broke the other day and I blooming miss it. My birthday soon luckily, so hopefully fingers crossed! Heres a picture of my d-i-y fringe haha hair looks messy because I put the Batisse xxl spray in it and went all cacky, I'm not good with hair products. 
Then a picture of my new rose fairy lights from ebay, love them! The dresser was given to me by my step dad as luckily when me and Tag moved into our unfurnished flat my mum and Wern moved in together  and had excess furniture. Just  painted it in 'Montpelier Green' -ironic eh. 
Then more fairylights on a coat hanger and my favorite i-D magazine cover. Last is a very sweet no reason present from Omi, cat hooks. Shes an illustrator and does the funniest illustrations heres her site -

This weekend going to a barn dance in Worcester at Jakes farm!!
tara x

just previewed this and my hair looks mental
oh and loving these songs!


  1. I love your hair - the fringe really suits you. I tried this style once and it didn't suit me at all. Now I just have plain boring hair. The lights around your mirror is so cool x

  2. what a great blog with beautiful pictures! i really love your hair. it gives your face a very special and lovely touch :)

    love, lola